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Issue Number 13, August 2000

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Table of Contents

Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground XML XML XML
The Editors 1

Readers' Forum

The Pomegranate: Readers' Forum XML XML XML XML
The Editors 2-3, 53-56


Spells, Saints, and Streghe: Witchcraft, Folk Magic, and Healing in Italy PDF
Sabina Magliocco 4-22
Blót on the Landscape: Re-reading Pope Gregory’s Letter on the Heathen Temple XML XML XML
Jeremy Harte 23-30
Shamanistic Elements in Zoroastrianism: The Pagan Past and Modern Reaction XML XML XML
Touraj Daryaee 31-37
Mirra Alfassa: A Western Occultist in Inda XML XML XML
Christine Rhone 38-42

Book Reviews

Book Reviews XML XML XML
The Editors 43-52

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