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Issue Number 18, February 2002

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Table of Contents

Readers' Forum

The Pomegranate Readers' Forum XML XML
The Editors 1-4


Who Was Aradia? The History and Develpment of a Legend XML XML
Sabina Magliocco 5-22
Women as Initiators and Crafters of Human Growth in the ‘Reclaiming’ Witchcraft Tradition XML XML
Jone Salomonsen 23-31
Traditionalism, Eclecticism, and Ecumenism XML XML
Margarian Bridger 38-51
The First Seven Trumps of the Major Arcana (and the Fool) as Patterns for Pagan Leadership: Past, Present and Future XML XML
Fritz Muntean 42-52
Patient Counting: What Old Records Tell about the Battle for Souls in England and the English Witch Hanging XML XML
Kate Slater 53-56

Book Reviews

Claiming Sacred Ground: Pilgrims and Politics at Glastonbury and Sedona XML XML
Graham Harvey 32-33
Wiccan Warrior: Walking a Spritual Path in a Sometimes Hostile World XML XML
Phoenix Pangaryk 33-35
The Rotting Goddess: the Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity XML XML
Doug Ezzy 35-36
The Twelve Wild Swans: Rituals, Exercises & Magical Training in the Reclaiming Tradition XML XML XML
Chas S Clifton 36-37

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