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Gaca, Kathy L., Vanderbilt University
Gallagher, Anne-Marie, University of Central Lancashire
Galtsin, Dmitry
Galtsin, Dmitry, Russian Academy of Science Library
Galtsin, Dmitry, Library of Russian Academy of Science
Gibbons, Jenny
Gilmore, Lee, San José State University
Giudice, Christian, Gothenburg University
Giudice, Christian, PhD Candidate Gothenburg University
Glenna, Leland, The Pennsylvania State University
Goodall, Catherine, The University of Nottingham
Goodall, Janet, Department of Education, University of Bath
Green, Dave, University of the West of England
Greenwood, Susan, Goldsmiths College, London
Greenwood, Susan, University of Sussex
Greenwood, Susan, formerly University of Sussex
Greer, John Michael
Griffin, Wendy, Cherry Hill Seminary
Griffin, Wendy, California State University, Long Beach
Griffin, Wendy, Cherry Hill Seminary (United States)

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