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Estudios de Sociolingüística 3.2 2002

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Table of Contents


Sociolinguistics in Galicia: Views on diversity, a diversity of views PDF
Manuel Fernández-Ferreiro , Fernando Ramallo i-vi
18th century linguistic mentality and history of the Galician language PDF
Ramón Mariño-Paz 1-41
The Castilianist theory of the origin of the gheada revisited PDF
Montserrat Recalde 43-74
Language shift in Galicia from a socio-linguistic viewpoint PDF
Modesto A. Rodríguez Neira 75-112
The morphological expression of pragmatic values in oral and written Galician PDF
Celia Pollán 113-138
Gendered emotive displays in complaint discourse PDF
Virginia Acuña-Ferreira 139-172
Functions and strategies of male humour in cross-gender interactions PDF
Sonia Álvarez-López 173-205
Social prestige and linguistic identity. On the ideological conditions behind the standardisation of Galician PDF
Luzia Domínguez-Seco 207-228
¿De onde es?, ¿de quen es?: Local identities, discoursive circulation, and manipulation of traditional Galician naming patterns PDF
Gabriela Prego-Vázquez 229-253
Language as a diacritical in terms of cultural and resistance identities in Galicia PDF
Ana Iglesias-Álvarez , Fernando Ramallo 255-287

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