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Estudios de Sociolingüística 7.1 2006

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Table of Contents


Morpho-phonetic variation in the spoken French media: A comparison of three sociolinguistic variables PDF
Martin Howard 1-29
Semantic primes in Atlantic Iberoromance-based Creoles: Superstrate continuity or innovation? PDF
Angela Bartens , Niclas Sandström 31-54
The recycling of local discourses in the institutional talk: Naturalization strategies, interactional control, and public local identities PDF
Gabriela Prego Vázquez 55-82
Question-answer sequences in conciliation hearings and interviews with political candidates PDF
Paulo Cortes Gago , Sonia Bittencourt Silveira 83-99


Review of A History of Afro-Hispanic Language: Five Centuries, Five Continents by John Lipski PDF
William Megenney 101-105
Review of Hungarian Language Contact Outside Hungary: Studies on Hungarian as a minority language edited by Anna Fenyvesi PDF
Juliet Langman 105-109
Review of Words and Worlds:World Languages Review edited by Fèlix Martì et al PDF
Christopher Thomas 109-113
Review of Language attitudes towards Kyrgyz and Russian by B. Korth, Russians in diaspora edited by A. Mustajoki & E. Protassova and Finnorussians: Life and language use by E. Protassova PDF
Aneta Pavlenko 114-120
Review of Impace of the language environment on integration and Estonian language acquisition of Russian speaking children in Estonia and Russian-Estonian code-switching among Russian-speaking primary school students in Kohtla-Jarve PDF
Anna Verschik 121-126
Review of Language Dominance in Infant Bilingualism: The Child’s Code-switching in Context by Heidi Rontu PDF
Natalia Ringblom 127-132
Review of The Language Revolution by David Crystal PDF
Subarna Banerjee 132-134
Review of Language Contact and Language Conflict in Arabic: Variations on a Sociolinguistic Theme edited by Aleya Rouchdy PDF
Sohail Karmani 134-138
Review of Words and stones: The politics of language and identity in Israel by Daniel Lefkowitz and A war of words: Language and conflict in the Middle East by Yasir Suleiman PDF
Aneta Pavlenko 139-145
Review of Sociolingüística by Manuel Almeida PDF
Jennifer Leeman 146-148
Review of Fundamentos de educación bilingüe by Ángel Huguet y José María Madariaga PDF
Xose Anton Gonzalez Riano 148-151
Review of Actas del Primer Coloquio del Programa EDICE edited by Diana Bravo PDF
Rosio Molina Landeros , Lucia Rodriguez Gutierrez 151-157

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