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Vol 4, No 3 (2010)

Second strings and linguistic connections: bilingual and bilinguistic explorations. Dedicated to Professor Michel Blanc

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Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Second Strings and Linguistic Connections: Bilingual and Bilinguistic Explorations. An Introduction. PDF
Penelope Gardner-Chloros 505-508


Community Languages: Mapping Provision and Matching Needs in Higher Education in England PDF
Joanna McPake , Itesh Sachdev 509-534
Communicating in a Lingua Franca: Children’s Interaction in an International Summer Camp PDF
Jiang Yan , Zhu Hua 535-552
Order in ‘polylogue’: an investigation of argumentational discourse units in diplomatic negotiation PDF
Lisa Jane McEntee-Atalianis 553-568
Linguistic Landscapes on Postcards: Tourist Mediation and the Sociolinguistic Communities of Contact PDF
Adam Jaworski 569-594
“Christ fucking shit merde!” Language Preferences for Swearing Among Maximally Proficient Multilinguals PDF
Jean-Marc Dewaele 595-614
Translating Lorca: A Graph Theory Approach PDF
Paul Meara 615-633
Code-switching in Art: From Semiotics to Sociolinguistics PDF
Penelope Gardner-Chloros 635-664
Coda: Impact and Relevance of Sociolinguistics PDF
Li Wei 665-668


Request Strategies: a Comparative Study in Mandarin Chinese and Korean. Yong-Ju Rue and Grace Qiao Zhang (2008) Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. pp. 320 ISBN 978 90 272 54214 PDF
Wei Ren 669-672
Immigration and Bureaucratic Control. Language Practices in Public Administration. Eva Codó (2008) Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. xviii and pp. 254 ISBN 978–3-11–019589–7 (hb) and 978–3-11–019580–3 (pb) PDF
Joan Pujolar Cos 673-676
Llengua i Identitat. Ángels Massip (ed.) (2008) Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona ISBN 978–84–475–3329–9 PDF
Carmen Pena 677-680
Multilingualism in the Movies: Hollywood Characters and Their Language Choices. Lukas Bleichenbacher (2008). Tübingen: Francke Verlag. 236 pp. ISBN 9783772082702 PDF
Gaëlle Planchenault 681-685
Language Learning Strategies in Independent Settings. Stella Hurd and Tim Lewis (eds) (2009) Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. pp. XVIII + 329 ISBN: 978 1 84769 097 5 PDF
Emmanuelle Le Pichon- Vorstman 687-692
Plurilinguisme, Interculturalité et Emploi : Défis pour l’Europe. François-Xavier d’Aligny, Astrid Guillaume, Babette Nieder, François Rastier, Christian Tremblay et Heinz Wismann (Dir.) (2009) Paris: L’Harmattan. 408 pp. ISBN 978–2-296–07892–5 PDF
Mariana Bono 693-696


General Editors' Acknowledgements PDF
Fernando Ramallo , Xoan Paulo Rodriguez-Yanez 697

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