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Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

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Table of Contents


Towards a Creative Writing Pedagogy PDF
Martha C. Pennington 151-158

Guest Editorial

Introduction to the Special Topic Issue on Creativity and Writing Pedagogy PDF
Harriet Levin Millan 159-167

Research Matters

The Student as Witness: Cultivating Creativity in the Yogic Body of Research PDF
Rebecca Ingalls 169-190
Writing and Drugs PDF
Alice W. Flaherty 191-207
Detecting the Creative in Written Discourse PDF
Sky Marsen 209-231
Underlying Factors of Creative Thinking as a Foundation for Creative Writing Pedagogy PDF
Fredricka K. Reisman 233-262
Examining "Small c" Creativity in the Writing Classroom PDF
Dorothea Lasky 263-279

Reflections on Practice

Keeping the Creative Pipes from Freezing: An Essay on Creativity PDF
Martha Silano 281-286
Beating Drums in the Caves of the Underworld: The Creative Process as a Journey into the Spiritual World PDF
Laura Valeri 287-296
Using Fractals to Undermine Familiarity: Implementing Writing Pedagogy through the Operations of Shape and Chance PDF
Ravi Shankar 297-303
Inspiring Each Other: Student Collaboration in the Poetry Writing Workshop PDF
Lisa Sewell 305-311
The Creative Process and Travel PDF
Robin Hemley 313-318
Assessing Creativity in College through Writing PDF
Robert J. Sternberg 319-323
Internationalizing the MFA in Creative Writing PDF
Rodney H. Jones , Xu Xi 325-336

From the e-Sphere

Permanent Evolution: E-Literature and (R)evolutions of Authorship and Readership PDF
Emma Bolden 337-344
Creativity and Writing in Digital Media: New Frontiers and Cutting Edges PDF
Stephanie Strickland , M. D. Coverley 345-354

New Books

How to Write an Earthquake/Comment écrire/Mou pou 12 Janvye edited by Beaudelaine Pierre and Nataša Durovicová (2012) Iowa City, Iowa: Autumn Hill Books. pp. 124 978-0984303670 PDF
Sonya Huber 355-359

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