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Roots of Wisdom, Branches of Devotion

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Table of Contents

7. The Herbal Arsenal and Fetid Food: The Power of Plants in Early Tantric Exorcism Rituals
Michael Slouber




Fabrizio Ferrari

Second Tantra: Nature, Worship, Knowledge

Chapter 5 Rice culture: Cultivation and worship of a divine plant in western Odisha
Uwe Skoda
Chapter 6 Caryota Urens: from vegetable manifestation of God to the Sacred Tree of the Shamans of Orissa
Stefano Beggiora

Third Tantra: Knowledge, Power, Ritual

Chapter 8 Divine flashes and herbal power: the use and importance of psychotropic plants in South Asian Sufi rituals and disciplines
Thomas Dähnhardt

Section 3

Chapter 10 Tree Hugger: On the Audumbarī Rite of the Sāmaveda
Finnian Gerety

Section 1: Nature, Landscape, Devotion

1. A Modern Kalpavṛkṣa: Sathya Sāī Bābā and the Wish-Fulfilling Tree
Antonio Rigopoulos
2. "Pagoda Tree": Plants and Other Foliate Motifs on Indian Coins through History
Shailendra Bhandare
3. Divine Flora, Divine Love: The Place of Natural Scenery in the Ultimate Vision of Krṣna Bhakti
Graham Schweig

Section 2: Devotion, Ecology, Ritual

5. The Bodhi Tree and Other Plants in the Pali Tipitaka
Antonella Serena Comba
4. Perfumed Islam: The Culture of Scent at the Nizamuddin Basti
Mikko Viitamäki
6. Wood, Water and Waste: Material Aspects of Mortuary Practices in South Asia
Albertina Nugteren

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