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9. Right Mindfulness: Full Awareness

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1. Title Title of document 9. Right Mindfulness: Full Awareness - The Buddha's Path of Peace
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6. Description Abstract We now get clearer about the awareness dimension of mindfulness (sati), a dimension that is usually translated as ‘full awareness’ or ‘clear comprehension’ (sampajañña). While mindfulness in some chosen circumstances may not be directed or even sustained, and may not be entirely free of judgment, it is not mindfulness at all if it is not inward awareness of experience. Full awareness (sampajañña) has been described by some as ‘reflexive’, meaning that it is a kind of mirroring, turning one’s attention inwards upon oneself. This makes mindfulness a special kind of awareness, namely, self-awareness. But even then there are several kinds of self-awareness. (The question of ‘self’ and ‘not-self’ is now appearing, and is addressed shortly. The first of the ‘Four Foundations of Mindfulness’ –mindfulness of body – is introduced here, and then developed in the next chapter (Chap 10.)
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