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1. Copulating Angels and Race Mixing

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1. Title Title of document 1. Copulating Angels and Race Mixing - Recreating the Nephilim
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Deane Galbraith; University of Otago; New Zealand
3. Subject Discipline(s) Religions Studies
4. Subject Keyword(s) Christianity and science; evangelical Christianity; Nephilim; True Legends; Lynn Mazulli; Steve Quayle; Tim Alberino; Thomas Horn; Gary Stearman; Antichrist; Enochic; Genesis 6; human and angel sex; end-times; right wing racist theory
5. Subject Subject classification Evangelical Christianity
6. Description Abstract Why is a growing subgroup of evangelical Christians promoting the idea that secular scientists are attempting to reconstruct the DNA of the giant Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6.1-4, understood as the hybrid offspring resulting from sexual encounters between humans and fallen angels? This is the first book to analyse the emergence of the Nephilim resistance movement, through an investigation of its historical origins and key concerns.

The Nephilim resistance movement propagates its views in a variety of media including mainstream Christian publishers, independent publishers, websites, videos, podcasts, independent radio shows, church speaking circuits, evangelical prophecy conferences and their own conferences such as the annual True Legends conference. Key figures in the movement include Lynn A. Mazulli, Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino, Thomas Horn and Gary Stearman. The core contention of the Nephilim resistance movement is that the reconstruction of Nephilim DNA will corrupt human genes in a way that removes the possibility of salvation, and which will also create the superhuman being known as the Antichrist. Members of the Nephilim resistance support their contentions with esoteric analyses of biblical and Enochic literature and purportedly suppressed archaeological evidence of ancient giants. While the Nephilim resistance considers that the genetic corruption of humanity is inevitable, its primary goal in publicizing and opposing the recreation of the Nephilim is to open the eyes of others to their discoveries.

The chapters in the first part of this book trace the historical origins of a cluster of interpretations which have become attached to the Nephilim legend. Following this historical explanation, the books proceeds to an analysis of the contemporary literature, talks, conferences, videos and debates produced by the movement. The second half of the book asks how this unusual theory emerged at this particular time as an evangelical discourse on the End-Times and shows how the movement constructs an elaborate opposition between purity and corruption which coincides with a number of well-known evangelical Christian interests. The opposition to genetic corruption is complemented by polemical comments against science, race mixing, immigration, other religions, feminism and homosexuality. It is aligned with right wing political groups and in some cases with right wing racist theories.
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9. Date (YYYY-MM-DD) 01-Nov-2024
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