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Editors: Carole Cusack and Liselotte Frisck
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Membership is to The International Society for the Study of New Religions (ISSNR)

Membership and Journal Subscription

ISSNR membership runs on a calendar year but, at whatever point you join, you will be sent any back issues that have already been published that year. Your subscription will complete with the publication of issue 2 of that year's volume.

Please Read - Important information regarding subscription time lines

ISSNR Membership Subscriptions

Society membership runs on a calendar year from January to December. This journal is provided as part of your membership and you will receive all issues of the one volume which is active during your membership year, even if it is published after 31st December.
In order to keep clear records of your membership, and to maintain a continuous, unbroken subscription, we ask that you renew for the next year from the beginning of November when we send out renewal reminders one and two month before expiry. If you take out a subscription before November, your payment will be applied to the current year’s membership unless you already have a subscription.

Please note that you may require yearly membership proof in order to use the various services provided by the society including attending society conferences. You can use the confirmation email received from Equinox when you take out a subscription.

New or Renewal Subscription to International Journal for the Study of New Religions

For ISSNR Member* subscriptions please click here

*Alternatively, download the payment form and post or fax it back to us with payment.

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*Online access for institutions is via IP validation. IP addresses must be submitted formally by the institution or agent to gain access and a license is required which can be downloaded from our For Libraries page.

Prices are listed in the table below. VAT has been calculated at the current rate will be added to the full subscription price of all online-only orders and to 1/3 the price of any print + online (combined) subscriptions upon payment. VAT is only charged where the customer resides in a country where this is mandated by EU law. Print-only subscriptions are not affected. Only customers in Canada, the USA or Mexico are eligible for the US dollar price. All other customers are invoiced in Sterling. You can chose to renew online or printout an order-form and send it to our Subscription Customer Services Manager with your credit card details or a cheque.

For policy details concerning cancellations, agency discounts, claims and other customer service questions please go to our Customer Service page.

Back issues are available. To order backissues, please contact

Member Subscriptions Prices:

Members subscriptions require login to access subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
ISSNR Member North America
Print and Online 1 year 80.00 (USD)
ISSNR Member Rest of the World
Print and Online 1 year 40.00 (GBP)
ISSNR Member North America
Online Only
Online 1 year 68.00 (USD)
Online Only
Online 1 year 30.00 (GBP)

Individual Subscriptions Prices:

Name Format Duration Cost
Individual North America
Print 1 year 102.00 (USD)
Individual UK & ROW
Print 1 year 65.00 (GBP)
Individual North America
Online 1 year 80.00 (USD)
Individual UK & ROW
Online 1 year 50.00 (GBP)

Institutional Subscriptions Prices:

Institutional subscriptions do not require login. The user's domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Institutional North America Print & Online
Print and Online 1 year 302.00 (USD)
Institutional Rest of World Print & Online
Print and Online 1 year 169.00 (GBP)
Institutional North America Online Only
Online 1 year 207.00 (USD)
Institutional Rest of World Online Only
Online 1 year 132.00 (GBP)

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