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Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology

Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Wake Forest University, United States & VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paul Hedges, RSIS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Managing Editor
Salih Sayilgan, Georgetown University, United States

Book Review Editors
Anne Hege Grung, University of Oslo, Norway
Jon Paul Sydnor, Emmanuel College, United States

Editorial Assistant
Erin Elizabeth Umlauf, Emmanuel College, United States

Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology (ISIT) is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for scholars to share ideas and research on a wide range of topics to do with interreligious questions and issues impacting contemporary pluralist society, and to foster a deeper understanding of theoretical and practical matters concerning interreligious relations. The journal aims at stimulating and promoting the various relevant conversations taking place in different parts of the world.


ISIT is committed to an interdisciplinary approach that includes, but is not limited to, interreligious studies, religious studies, (cultural) anthropology, theology, intercultural and comparative theology, Islamic studies, Buddhist studies, Hindu studies, secularism studies, and the engagement between secularism and religions; philosophy, Jewish studies, sociology, political science, gender studies, and various specific dialogue or interreligious encounter fields.  It is also concerned with the encounter between religious traditions and worldviews.

ISIT welcomes all contributions that promote a deep and critical understanding of the systematic and practical issues concerning interreligious relations. It allows discussion of the various questions that arise in the modern situation of a pluralist culture and provides a forum for academic discussion and comparative study of religious beliefs and philosophies of life, of the different moralities involved, and the possibilities of agreement as well as the causes of disagreement. The journal publishes articles by adherents of various religious traditions.

ISIT is published in print and online, with an initial print frequency of 2 issues per volume. The online edition contains supplemental content not appearing in the print version, including interviews, book excerpts, blogs, and profiles of key thinkers in the field.

ISIT is associated closely with the (European) Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies. This society, with an international membership, organizes conferences biennially, and members will automatically become subscribers to this journal. Readers who are interested in joining the Society may email the managing editor at the following address:


Publication and Frequency
Two issues per volume year beginning May 2017 (May and Nov.)
ISSN  2397-3471 (Print)
ISSN  2397-348X (Online)

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Vol 3, No 1-2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Honouring Robert J. Schreiter’s Contributions to Intercultural Theology PDF
Norbert Hintersteiner , Jan Hendrik Pranger 1-9


Catholic Theological Union PDF
Stephen Bennett Bevans 10-29
The Translational Fabric of Mission and Culture: Engaging Cross-Cultural Theologies on Translation PDF
Norbert Hintersteiner 30-46
Decolonizing Western Christianity for a Genuine Catholicity of Culture PDF
Susan Abraham 47-62
Can “Dangerous Memories” be Communicated? Extending Insights from the Intercultural Theology of Robert J. Schreiter into Dialogue with Subculture and Racialization PDF
Kevin P. Considine 63-81
Racism and “Place” in American Catholic Experience: Resources for Reconciliation in Asian American Communities PDF
Linh Hoang 82-102
Mission Tracks in the Bush: Theological Reflections on Two Aboriginal Missions in Nineteenth-Century Australia PDF
Gemma Tulud Cruz 103-124
Mining for Christ: Eco-Justice in Contexts of Resource Extraction PDF
Jan Hendrik Pranger 125-148
A Lived Catholicity: The Ecclesiologies of Pope Frances and Robert J. Schreiter, C.PP.S. PDF
Jeffrey S. Kirch 149-163
A New Reformed Catholicity: Catholicity and Confessing in Reformed Ecclesiology PDF
Henry S. Kuo 164-182
Identity of Catholic Schools in Multi-religious Contexts PDF
Edmund Kee-Fook Chia 183-194
Tabula Gratulorum: Schreiter “Schülerkreis“ PDF
Norbert Hintersteiner 195-197
Kenotic Gestures: Comparative Aesthetics and the Feminist Debate on Kenōsis PDF
Michelle Voss Roberts 198-218

Review Essay

Interreligious/Interfaith Studies: Defining a New Field, edited by Eboo Patel, Jennifer Howe Peace, and Noah Silverman PDF
Younus Y. Mirza 219-234


Jessica Kingsley Publishers-New Books on Interfaith Relations PDF

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