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Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

Rodney Harrison, University College London

Laurie Wilkie, University of California, Berkeley (North America)
Alfredo González-Ruibal, Spanish National Research Council (Europe)

Associate Editor
Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University

Review Editors
Sefryn Penrose, Atkins Heritage

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to explore archaeology’s specific contribution to understanding the present and recent past. It is concerned both with archaeologies of the contemporary world, defined temporally as belonging to the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, as well as with reflections on the socio-political implications of doing archaeology in the contemporary world. In addition to its focus on archaeology, JCA encourages articles from a range of adjacent disciplines which consider recent and contemporary material-cultural entanglements, including anthropology, cultural studies, design studies, history, human geography, media studies, museum studies, psychology, science and technology studies and sociology. Acknowledging the key place which photography and digital media have come to occupy within this emerging subfield, JCA includes a regular photo essay feature and provides space for the publication of interactive, web-only content on its website.

Emerging from a number of different quarters, this exciting and rapidly expanding field of research has for some time fallen uneasily between a range of other disciplines, research areas and journals. JCA will act as a dedicated international forum in which to establish the boundaries of this emerging sub-discipline, to develop new methods, concepts and approaches, and to collaborate on important future research agendas on archaeologies of the recent past and present.

The Journal publishes a range of different types of articles, ranging from in-depth Discussion Articles (to be accompanied by comments from relevant researchers and an author’s reply); regular Research Articles which are generally shorter and more case-driven; Interviews comprising occasional, edited discussions between researchers and individuals whose academic or creative work makes a contribution to understanding the archaeology and materiality of the contemporary world; Forums, a series of short responses to previously circulated questions; and, as noted above, Photo Essays. Reviews are published online only and potential reviewers should contact the Review Editors prior to submitting a review as the Journal normally does not accept unsolicited reviews.
Potential contributors should consult the Journal's Guidelines which can be found on the For Authors page above.

ISSN 2051-3429 (print)
ISSN 2051-3437 (online)

Frequency: 2 Issues per volume year, commencing 2014 (May and November)

Send books for review to:
Rodney Harrison
Institute of Archaeology
University College London
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London, WC1H 0PY
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Vol 2, No 1 (2015)

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Table of Contents


Media-Archaeologies: An Invitation PDF
Angela A. Piccini 1-8
Sites of Media Archaeology: Producing the Contemporary as a Shared Topic PDF
Jussi Parikka 8-14
Media Archaeology-As-Such: Occasional Thoughts on (Més-)alliances with Archaeologies Proper PDF
Wolfgang Ernst 15-23
Artifactual Interpretation PDF
Grant Wythoff 23-29
Becoming Archaeological PDF
Ruth Tringham , Michael Ashley 29-41
Symmetrical Media Archaeology: Boundary and Context PDF
Greg Bailey 41-52
The Sex Pistols' Guitar Tuner: Material Culture and Mythology PDF
Paul Graves-Brown 52-58
Kinetic Architecture and Aerial Rides: Towards a Media Archeology of the Revolving Restaurant View PDF
Synne Tollerud Bull 58-66
Fragile Storage, Digital Futures PDF
Grant Bollmer 66-72
Surveying New Sites: Landscapes and Archaeologies of the Internet PDF
R. J. Wilson 72-78
Archaeologies of Electronic Waste PDF
Sy Taffel 78-85
Excavating Atari: Where the Media was the Archaeology PDF
Andrew Reinhard 86-93
Materializing Media Archaeologies: The MAD-P Hard Drive Excavation PDF
Sara Perry , Colleen Morgan 94-104
A Giant on the Shoulders of Dwarfs: Archaeology and Recursion in Friedrich Kittler’s Works PDF
Tania Hron , Sandrina Khaled 105-116
AnArcheology for AnArchives: Why Do We Need—Especially for the Arts—A Complementary Concept to the Archive? PDF
Siegfried Zielinski , Geoffrey Winthrop-Young 116-125
Collective Re-Excavation and Lost Media from the Last Century of British Prehistoric Studies PDF
Jennifer Wexler , Andrew Bevan , Chiara Bonacchi , Adi Keinan-Schoonbaert , Daniel Pett , Neil Wilkin 126-142
Hemerochronia, or, Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Time: Sideline Snippets on Media Archaeology PDF
Geoffrey Winthrop-Young 143-147

Extended Forum

Glitch PDF
Ursula K. Frederick S1-S8 PDF
Petra Wodtke S9-S15
Notes for an ecological archaeology of imaginary media hacking PDF
Alberto Micali S16-S23
Between Human and Machine: The Operating System PDF
John Ellis S24-S27
The Future of Recording the Past: Web Archives as a Resource for Public Archaeology PDF
Lorna-Jane Richardson S28-S32

Photo Essay

An Athenian Nocturnal Archaeology (a photo-poetic essay) PDF
Yannis Hamilakis 149–168

Research Articles

Dig Houses, Dwelling, and Knowledge Production in Archaeology PDF
Colleen Morgan , Daniel Eddisford 169–193
Concrete Prehistories: The Making of Megalithic Modernism PDF
Helen Wickstead , Martyn Barber 195–216

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