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Vol 7, No 2 (1994)

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Table of Contents


Community, Polity, and Temple in a Middle Bronze Age Levantine Village PDF
Bonnie Magness-Gardiner , Steven E. Falconer 127-164
Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Settlement Variability: Evidence for Sociopolitical Developments in the Southern Levant PDF
Ian Kuijit 165-192
Deir el Medina in Hyperreality: Seeking the People of Pharaonic Egypt PDF
Lynn Meskell 193-216

Discussion and Debate (Responses)

The Fatal Shore, The Long Years, and the Geographical Unconscious. Considerations of Iconography, Chronology and Trade in Response to Negbi's 'The "Libyan" Landscape from Thera: A Review of Aegean Enterprises Overseas in the Late Minoan IA Period' PDF
Sturt W. Manning , Sarah J. Monks , Georgia Nakou , Francis A. De Mita Jr. 219-235
Comment on Ora Negbi, The "Libyan landscape" from Thera: a review of Aegean enterprises overseas in the late Minoan IA period PDF
Susan Sheratt 237-240
History as a War Game PDF
Mario Liverani 241-248

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