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M'Gonigle, Michael
Macfarlane, Georgina, Canada
Madera, Lisa Maria, non-affiliated
Maier, Harry O., Vancouver School of Theology
Mallory, Chaone, Dept. of Philosophy, Villanova University
Marcuse, Gary, Face to Face Media
Markus, Till, University of Bremen, Germany (Law Faculty)
Marlett, Jeffrey D.
Martin, Julia, University of the Western Cape
Mason, Simon
Mathews, Freya, Latrobe University
Matzke, Jason, University of Mary Washington
McCorristine, Shane, University College of Dublin
McDaniel, Jay B.
McDaniel, Jay, Hendrix College
McDonagh, Sean
McFee, Daniel, Mercyhurst College
McIntosh, Alastair, University of Strathclyde
McIntosh, Alastair (United Kingdom)
McIntosh, Alastair, Visiting Professor of Human Ecology, University of Strathclyde
McKim, Robert, University of Illinois
McPhail, Robyn
McPhee, Euan
Melin, Anders, Lund University
Menzies, Robert, University of Winnipeg
Messer, Neil, University of Wales Lampeter
Miller, Linn, University of Tasmania
Milligan, Anthony, King's College London
Mitchell, KIerry Archer, Global College, Long Island University
Mitchell, Wade A., Drew University
Moore, Kathleen Dean, Oregon State University
Morales, Victor, University College Chester
Moret, Erica, Oxford University
Morrison, Keith
Morrison, Kenneth M., Arizona State University
Moyer, Joanne M., University of Manitoba
Muers, Rachel, University of Exeter
Munk, Kirstine, University of Southern Denmark

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