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Vol 6, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


The Form and Abandonment of the City of Kuik-Mardan, Otrar Oasis, Kazakhstan in the Early Islamic Period PDF
Giles Adam Dawkes , Willem Toonen , Mark Macklin , Gaygysyz Jorayev 137-152
From Arabia to Bilād al-Shām: Muʿāwiya’s Development of an Infrastructure and Monumental Architecture of Early Umayyad Statehood PDF
Beatrice St. Laurent 153-186
New Research Perspectives on the Mamluk Qāʾa at Kerak Castle: Building Archaeology and Historical Contextualization PDF
Lorenzo Fragai 187-208
A Preliminary Report on Polish–Lebanese Excavations at the St. George’s (Mar Girgis) Church in Rachkida (Northern Lebanon) PDF
Piotr Makowski 209-239

Book Reviews

Regional History and the Coin Finds from Assur From the Achaemenids to the Nineteenth Century, by S. Heidemann and K. Butcher. 2017 PDF
Warren C. Schultz 241-242
El Tolmo de Minateda en la Alta Edad Media. Cerámica y Contexto, by Victoria Amorós Ruiz. 2018 PDF
Elena Salinas 243-245
Essouk-Tadmekka: An Early Islamic Trans-Saharan Market Town, by Sam Nixon. 2017 PDF
Thomas Soubira 246-249
The History and Archaeology of Jaffa 2, edited by Aaron A. Burke, Katherine Strange Burke and Martin Peilstöcker. 2017 PDF
Lauren K. Erker 250-251
Sweet Waste: Medieval Sugar Production in the Mediterranean viewed from the 2002 Excavation at Tawahin es-Sukkar, Safi, Jordan, by Richard Jones. 2017 PDF
Bethany J. Walker 252-255

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