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Vol 12, No 1 (1999)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
John F. Cherry , A. Bernard Knapp 3-6


Alonia: The Ethnoarchaeology of Cypriot Thershing Floors PDF
John C. Whittaker 7-25
Complexity and Diversity in the Southern Levant during the Third Millenium BC: The Evidence of Khirbet Kerak Ware PDF
Graham Philip 26-57

Special Section

La trahison des archeologues? Archaeological Practice as Intellectual Activity in Postmodernity PDF
Yannis Hamilakis 60-79
Archaeologists, Intellectuals, and Postmodernity: Some Thoughts about Yannis Hamilakis PDF
Thomas C. Patterson 80-82
A Response to Yannis Hamilakis PDF
Ian Hodder 83-85
Fragments of Postmodernity PDF
Anastasia Karakasidou 86-90
Archaeologiacl Practice as Guerilla Activity in Late Modernity: Commentary on Hamilakis PDF
Ayfer Bartu 91-95
Comment on Y. Hamilakis, 'La trahison des archeologues' PDF
Kostas Kotsakis 99-103
From Gramsci's Cell to 'Guerillas' in Catalhoyuk: A response PDF
Yannis Hamilakis 104-107

Discussion and Debate (Responses)

Eteocypriot Myth and Amathusian Reality PDF
Thierry Petit 108-120
'The Archaeology of a Dream': The Reconstruction of Minoan Public Architecture PDF
Jan Driessen 121-127
Postcards from the Edge: Towards a Self-Reflexive Reconstruction of Knossos PDF
Louise A. Hitchcock 128-133
Fighting With Pictures: The Achaeology of Reconstructions PDF
Brian Leigh Molyneaux 134-136

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