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Vol 36, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Foreword

Women, Rights, and Religions: A Contemporary Investigation PDF
Morny Joy 117-122


Examining Competing Claims in the Dialogue over Sex Education in Ontario: Women, Rights, and Religion PDF
Pamela Dickey Young 123-138
Maria Clara in the Twenty-first Century: The Uneasy Discourse between the Cult of the Virgin Mary and Filipino Women’s Lived Realities PDF
Jeane C. Peracullo 139-154
Sexual Violence, Religion and Women’s Rights in Global Perspective PDF
Louise du Toit 155-170
The Role of Choice in Women’s Freedom of Religion Claims in Canada PDF
Jonnette Watson Hamilton , Jennifer Koshan 171-186
Women, Ordination, and a Buddhist Perspective: A Violation of Rights? PDF
Carola Roloff 187-210
Charity and Justice: A Conversation with Evangelical Christian Women Serving Marginalized Populations in British Columbia PDF
Kathryn Chan , Erin Thrift 211-226
Politicizing Piety: Women’s Rights and Roles in the Tarbiyah Movement in Indonesia PDF
Diah Ariani Arimbi 227-244
Women, Rights Talk, and African Pentecostalism PDF
Rosalind I.J. Hackett 245-259

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