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Vol 20, No 2 (2001)


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Table of Contents


Earle H. Waugh v-vi


Food as Gift, Necessity and Possibility
Don Schweitzer 1-19
Imagining India: The Quest for Spiritual India
Ronald Neufeld 20-36
Changing Modalities in the Globalization of Islamic Saint Veneration and Mysticism: Sidi Ibrahim al-Dasuqi, Shaykh Muhammad 'Uthman al-Burhani and their Sufi Orders
Michael Frishkopf 37-68

Book Reviews

Review of Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement by Nori J. Muster
Cathy Anne Pachnowski 69-71
Review of The Occult in Early Modern Europe: A Documentary History edited by P.G. Maxwell-Stuart
Wayne Litke 71-72
Review of Altruism and Christian Ethics by Colin Grant
David Cockerham 72-74
Review of Kierkegaard after MacIntyre: Essays on Freedom Narrative and Virtue edited by John Davenport and Anthony Rudd
Abrahim H. Khan 74-76
Review of Spinoza and the Irrelevance of Biblical Authority by J. Samuel Preus
Aaron Hughes 76-79
Review of Holy Saints and Fiery Preachers: The Anthropology of Protestantism in Mexico and Central America edited by James W. Dow and Alan R. Sandstrom
Kristy Nabhan-Warren 79-82
Review of Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements edited by Richard Landes
Andrew Gow 83-85
Review of Things that Count: Essays Moral and Theological by Gilbert Meilaender
Richard Bosley 85-87
Review of Has God Only One Blessing? Judaism as a Source of Christian Self-Understanding by Mary C. Boys
Tom Oosterhuis 87-91
Review of The Cambridge Companion to Biblical Interpretation edited by John Barton
James R. Linville 91-94

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