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Vol 7, No 1-2 (2013)

Different worlds – same issues? Cases of language emancipation in Norway and France

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Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Introduction: different worlds --- same issues? Cases of language emancipation in Norway and France PDF
Leena Huss , Anna-Riitta Lindgren 1-9

Cases from Norway

What is language emancipation? Norwegian and other Nordic experiences PDF
Anna-Riitta Lindgren 11-32
Linguistic emancipation and the linguistic market place PDF
Tove Bull 33-55
Overcoming silence: language emancipation in a coastal Sámi-Norwegian community PDF
Åse Mette Johansen 57-77
Ethnolects and language emancipation in Northern Norway PDF
Hilde Sollid 79-96

Cases from France

Languages of French overseas territories and the French educational system PDF
Michel Launey 97-112
Language emancipation and attitudes towards languages in the case of Guadeloupe PDF
Béatrice Jeannot-Fourcaud 113-131
The three partners of language planning and the revitalization of the Basque language in the Northern Basque Country PDF
Jean-Baptiste Coyos 133-149
The results of a nascent language emancipation in France: perceptions of the status and future of Gallo in the context of its inclusion in Brittany’s language education policy PDF
John Shaun Nolan 151-166
Skol Diwan in Paris: a step away from regionalism in the teaching of Breton PDF
Denis Costaouec 167-190


Multilingualism. Larissa Aronin and David Singleton (2012) Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Pp. 230. ISBN 9789027218704 PDF
Judith Anso Ros 191-195
Africans in China: a sociocultural study and its implications on Africa–China relations. Adams Bodomo (2012) Amherst, NY: Cambria Press. Pp. 300. ISBN-10: 1604977906. ISBN-13: 978-1604977905 PDF
Laura Rodríguez 195-198

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