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Estudios de Sociolingüística 2.2 2001

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Table of Contents


¿Por qué el chabacano? [pp. i-xii] PDF
Mauro Fernández i-xii
Contact languages and the preservation of endangered languages PDF
Stephen A. Wurm 1-12
Speakers’ attitudes in language change, contact-language genesis and language preservation PDF
Sarah G. Thomason 13-26
The rocky road to education in creole PDF
Angela Bartens 27-56
Les marchés africains plurilingues: la ville comme planificateur linguistique PDF
Louis-Jean Calvet 57-67
Chabacano versus related creoles: (Socio-)linguistic affinities and differences PDF
John Holm 69-93
Confidence in Chabacano: Counterbalance to a western ideology of language PDF
Michael L. Forman 95-117
he place of Chabacano in the Philippine linguistic profile PDF
John Lipski 119-163


Review: Jasone Cenoz & Ulrike Jessner (eds.) (2000). English in Europe. The Acquisition of a Third Language. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters PDF
Rosa María Jiménez Catalán 165-170

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