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Estudios de Sociolingüística 4.2 2003

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Table of Contents


An interdisciplinary perspective on language and gender PDF
Virginia Acuña-Ferreira , Sonia Álvarez-López i-viii
Un enfoque interdisciplinario da relación entre lingua e xénero PDF
Virginia Acuña-Fernández , Sonia Álvarez-López ix-xvi
A review and synthesis of research on comprehension of the masculine as a generic form in English PDF
Nancy M. Henley , Joselito Abueg 427-454
Participation frameworks and gender in the narrative conversations of gypsy children PDF
David Poveda , Beatriz Martín 455-484
The construction of gender in informal face-to-face encounters: A theoretical and methodological reflection PDF
Joan Pujolar 485-503
How code-switching mediates politeness: Gender-related speech among London Greek-Cypriots PDF
Penelope Gardner-Chloros , Katerina Finnis 505-532
Models of gay male identity and the marketing of “gay language” in foreign-language phrasebooks for gay men PDF
Rusty Barrett 533-562
The representation of feminine agency in the political sections of four Spanish newspapers PDF
Mercedes Bengoechea 563-587
Female doctors, their practices, and the dilemma of feminity PDF
Ana Delgado Sánchez , Ana Távora Rivero , Teresa Ortiz Gómez 589-611
Geolinguistic patterns of diffusion in a Spanish Region: The case of the dialect of Murcia PDF
Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy 613-652
Complementary (socio)linguistic perspectives in the study of variation and language change in Spanish PDF
José Luis Blas Arroyo 653-692

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