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Vol 11, No 1 (2017)

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Prescriptivism, nation, and style: The role of nonclassical elements in the stylistic stratification of Modern Hebrew PDF
Uri Mor 1-20
Common language in the workplace: An approach devoid of social perspective? PDF
Vincent Mariscal 21-40
La pluralización de haber presentacional en el español peninsular: datos de Twitter [The pluralization of presentational haber in Peninsular Spanish: Data from Twitter] PDF
Jeroen Claes 41-64
Enoncés de type OV et positionnements sociaux dans l’espagnol parlé par les Quichuas équatoriens à Cali (Colombie) [OV constructions and stance in the Spanish spoken by Ecuadorian Quichuas in Cali (Columbia)] PDF
Santiago Sánchez Moreano 65-105
Ideology and language choice: Catalan-speaking university students PDF
Raquel Casesnoves Ferrer , Josep À. Mas Castells 107-129
Langues de France et Charte européenne des langues régionales ou minoritaires: inventaire critique des arguments anti-ratification (2014-2015) [Languages of France and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages] PDF
Geoffrey Roger , Julia de Bres 131-152
Welsh English intonation and social identity PDF
Tatyana Shevchenko , Elena Buraya , Maria Fedotova , Natalia Sadovnikova 153-174
A matched-guise study on L2, heritage, and native Spanish speakers’ attitudes to Spanish in the State of Washington PDF
Víctor Fernández-Mallat , Max Carey 175-198


The Oxford Handbook of Sociolinguistics, Robert Bayley, Richard Cameron, and Ceil Lucas (eds) (2015), New York: Oxford University Press ISBN 9780190233747 Pp. 194 PDF
Guinevere Barlow 199-202
The Handbook of Conversation Analysis, Jack Sidnell and Tanya Stivers (eds) (2013) Chichester, West Sussex, UK: Blackwell ISBN 978-1-4443-3208-7 (Hardback) Pp. 825 PDF
Maria Pesola-Gallone 203-205
Doing Sociolinguistics: A practical guide to data collection and analysis, Miriam Meyerhoff, Erik Schleef, and Laurel MacKenzie (2015) New York: Routledge ISBN: 9780415698207 (pbk). Pp. xxii + 190 PDF
Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini , Farnoosh Rashed 207-209
Speak English or What? Codeswitching and Interpreter Use in New York City Courts. Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer (2015) [Oxford Studies in Language and Law] Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-933756-9. Pp 248 PDF
Arja Nurmi 211-213
L2 Pragmatic Development in Study Abroad Contexts, Wei Ren (2015) Bern: Peter Lang; ISBN 1424-8689 (pbk). Pp. 256 PDF
He Yang 215-218
Imprisoned in English: The Hazards of English as a Default Language, Anna Wierzbicka (2014) Oxford: Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0199321506 (pbk). Pp. xii + 287 PDF
Yves Laberge 219-223
Haitian Creole. Structure, Variation, Status, Origin. Albert Valdman (2015) Sheffield and Bristol, CT, Equinox ISBN 978-1845533885. Pp. 494 PDF
Philipp Krämer 225-235

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