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Estudios de Sociolingüística 4.1 2003

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Table of Contents


The discourse of language in Galiza: Normalisation, diglossia, and conflict PDF
Mário J. Herrero-Valeiro 289-320
Change of values and future of the Galician language PDF
Xan M. Bouzada-Fernández 321-341
What Variational linguistics can learn from Galician PDF
Johannes Kabatek 343-358
The Corpus of Galicia / Spanish Bilingual Speech of the University of Vigo: Codes tagging and automatic anotation PDF
Xoán Paulo Rodríguez-Yáñez , Hakan Casares-Berg 358-382


Review: Louis-Jean Calvet (2002). Le marché aux langues. Les effets linguistiques de la mondialisation PDF
Alicia López Pedreira 383-392
Review: VV.AA. (2002). A normalización lingüística a debate PDF
Montse Davila Ventura 393-395
Review: Pascual, Ribelles and Camardons (2001) Diccionari de Sociolingüística PDF
Mario Cal Varella 395-398
Review: Adrian Blackledge (2000) Literacy, Power and Social Justice PDF
Juan José-Bueno Aguilar 399-402
Review: Xosé Antón González Riaño (2002). Manual de Sociollingüística PDF
Manuel Fernández Ferreiro 403-406

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