About the author

Modern Japanese “Role Language” (Yakuwarigo): fictionalised orality in Japanese literature and popular culture

Mihoko Teshigawara
Komazawa University

Mihoko Teshigawara is Associate Professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Komazawa University, Tokyo, Japan. She studies the phonetic correlates of vocal stereotypes of good and bad characters in Japanese culture, using anime voices. Her most recent publication is ‘Vocal expressions of emotions and personalities in Japanese anime’ in Emotions of the Human Voice, Vol. III: Culture and Perception, edited by K. Izdebski (Plural Publishing, 2009).

Satoshi Kinsui
Osaka University

Satoshi Kinsui is Professor of Japanese linguistics at the Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University, Japan. His first publication on ‘role language’ (yakuwarigo), Vācharu Nihongo Yakuwarigo no Nazo (The enigma of virtual Japanese role language), Iwanami, 2003, intrigued many other researchers in Japanese linguistics and beyond, leading to the development of this emerging research field. He has also published numerous books and journal articles on traditional Japanese linguistics.