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Posted: 2017-03-04

Call For Papers: Call for Papers: Special Issue (Winter 2017, 9:2): Multimodality in electronic feedback on writing

We are soliciting contributions for a special topic issue on “Multimodality in electronic feedback on writing”. This special issue seeks to gather both researchers´ and practitioners´ accounts on how multimodality affects electronic feedback practices of language teachers and engagement of learners with such feedback for the development of writing skills. In the proposed contributions, feedback can take many forms, including teacher-student feedback, peer feedback or crowd-sourced feedback that happens in online communities and social media. The special topic issue will include articles in the categories of critical essay, empirical research, pedagogical reflections, and reviews of books published in the period from Summer 2014 to Summer 2016.  
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Call For Papers: REVISED CALL FOR PAPERS Vol 8(3) Winter 2016, Special Topic Issue

We are soliciting contributions for a special topic issue on “Orality and Literacy in the 21st Century: Prospects for Writing Pedagogy.” The issue will address attributes of orality and literacy that are gaining heightened attention world-wide and that we believe will significantly influence the nature of classroom instruction in writing. Scholarly examination of oral and literate cultures and spoken-written expression and their cognitive representation will influence the pedagogical practices that are advanced in the 21st century in educational policy, teacher education, and classroom learning and teaching.  
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Call For Papers: Writing Development Across the Lifespan

A call for papers for a special issue of Writing and Pedagogy on Writing Development Across the Lifespan, Edited by Prof. Charles Bazerman.  
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Call For Papers: CALL FOR PAPERS Vol 8(2) Summer 2016, Special Topic Issue

A special issue of Writing and Pedagogy, which is to appear in the Summer of 2016, will be dedicated to the exploration of issues, challenges, and practices associated with L2 writing in Asia.  
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