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Call For Papers: CALL FOR PAPERS Vol 8(2) Summer 2016, Special Topic Issue

The Teaching and Learning of L2 Writing in Asia

Guest Editor: Icy Lee

As a result of globalization, the expansion of higher education, and the worldwide trend towards learning English as a second/foreign language (L2) from an early age, writing has begun to play an increasingly significant role in teaching and learning English in Asian countries. The growing importance of written communications, ranging from informal writing for social networking to more formal writing for academic studies, the workplace, and scholarly publishing, has resulted in a proliferation of research on English-language writing pedagogy in the Asian context.

While special issues of writing journals usually address salient themes or topics germane to the field, rarely do they focus on a particular part of the world. The emphasis on L2 writing in Asia in this special issue is pertinent since Asia is not only the largest continent of the world, but it is also seen as key to the long-term development of English as a global language, overtaking the rest of the world in terms of the number of people learning and using English. Presently, there are more L2 than first-language (L1) speakers of English in the world, the majority of whom are based in Asia, and many of them are writing and learning to write in English at different levels and in different contexts.

A special issue of Writing and Pedagogy, which is to appear in the Summer of 2016, will be dedicated to the exploration of issues, challenges, and practices associated with L2 writing in Asia. Submissions that address the following topics, with specific reference to the teaching and learning of L2 writing in Asia, are invited:

• Personal characteristics and attitudes of writers
• Features of student texts
• The role of L1 in L2 writing
• Comparison of L1 and L2 writing practices
• Cultures and contexts of writing instruction
• Writing in primary and secondary contexts
• Writing in college/university contexts
• Writing in the workplace
• Writing for scholarly publishing
• Use of technology in writing classes
• Writing in internet or intranet environments
• Feedback and assessment in writing
• Student role in writing classes
• Writing teacher education

Contributors may also address an issue or topic that is not listed above. While the focus of the issue is on writing in English as L2, contributions about writing pedagogy in Asia involving languages other than English will also be considered.

We seek articles in all categories, as follows:

Featured Essay A full-length article (7500-9500 words) offering a fresh perspective, grounded in theory and potentially controversial, on a major issue or issues related to L2 writing in the Asian context with relevance to teaching and learning.

Research Matters A full-length article which provides empirical research (e.g. quasi- experimental study, action research, and case study) on L2 writing in the Asian context with relevance to teaching and learning.

Reflections on Practice A mid-length article (3500-6500 words) which presents theoretically grounded and referenced discussions of practices involving the teaching and learning of L2 writing in the Asian context.

From the e-Sphere A short article (1000-2000 words) or mid-length article (3500-6500 words) describing networked contexts or the use of technology in the teaching, learning, and/or assessment of L2 writing in the Asian context.

New Books A short review or full-length, multi-book review article on books published or to be published in 2015 or 2016 that address issues related to L2 writing in Asia.

For articles in all categories other than book reviews, interested potential authors should send their email and postal addresses along with a provisional title and draft article or detailed abstract, summary, or outline of contents by email or hard copy by post to the guest editor. For best consideration, submit this by 30 April 2015. Also send a 75-100 word biographical statement that includes highest degree and where from, current institutional affiliation and job title, and major achievements. For book reviews, please notify the guest editor of relevant books to appear in 2015 or 2016 and whether you would like to be considered as a possible reviewer of a specific book or books, for which the reviewer will receive a free copy. If you wish to be considered as a reviewer, also send email and postal address along with a 75-100 word biographical statement that includes highest degree and where from, current institutional affiliation and job title, and major achievements. Full submissions are to be submitted on the journal website by 1 September 2015.

Guest editor contact information:

Icy Lee
Faculty of Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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