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Noble persons and how to recognize one

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1. Title Title of document Noble persons and how to recognize one - Entering the Stream to Enlightenment
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Yukie Sirimane;
3. Subject Discipline(s) Religion; Buddhism; Anthropology; Psychology
4. Subject Keyword(s) Theravada Buddhism; religious experience;Buddhist path; enlightenment; 'Noble Persons'; Pali Literature; the Supramundane;phala; Pali Nikayas;
5. Subject Subject classification Buddhism
6. Description Abstract Chapter 2 discusses the topic “Noble persons and

how to recognize one.” In this chapter, this subject has been dealt with under

four sub-topics:

1) The references in the Pāli Nikāyas to the four supramundane fruits of the

Path: linking them to the corresponding fetters that are eliminated on the

attainment of each fruit.

2) Declarations of having attained a phala as set out in the Pāli Nikāyas: This

includes the various expressions used by those who claim to have attained

a fruit of the Path, and highlights the various ways in which the attainment

of a fruit of the Path is signaled: i.e. with references to the types or

the number of fetters broken, knowledge acquired, consequences [ānisaṃsa]

in terms of future rebirths, and lists out a spectrum of such expressions.

It further examines as to by whom these claims have been made and

concludes that the declarations have been made only by the person who

attained the phala or by the Buddha, excluding a teacher or any third party

bestowing such status.

3) The possibility of recognizing a noble person: This sub-topic sets out the

possibilities of and limitations for recognizing a noble person as set out in

the texts and who, if any, can recognize one. It concludes that one with the

same or a higher attainment may recognize another with the same or lower

attainment, or certain gross behaviours may be indications of not having

a particular supramundane fruit, if such behaviour has been categorized

in the text as impossible at the level of a particular attainment. In general,

none other than the Buddha (or one equal to him) and the person who

attained himself would know for sure about the attainment of a supramundane


4) Contemporary difficulties of recognizing a noble person: Presented in terms

of the field research of the writer and other recent research and contemporary

books such as research by psychologists, psychiatrists and meditators.
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