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Does the attainment of a supramundane fruit necessarily involve a specific experience?

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1. Title Title of document Does the attainment of a supramundane fruit necessarily involve a specific experience? - Entering the Stream to Enlightenment
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Yukie Sirimane;
3. Subject Discipline(s) Religion; Buddhism; Anthropology; Psychology
4. Subject Keyword(s) Theravada Buddhism; religious experience; Noble Eightfold Path; saṃyojanas
5. Subject Subject classification Buddhism
6. Description Abstract in Chapter 3 we study in depth whether attainment of a phala really does

involve a specific experience. This issue is vital to this study and the following

chapters are based on this foundation. It concludes that attaining a phala entails

a specific, striking experience with a peak-point which I refer to as a “fetterbreaking-experience,”

and the intensity of the experience may vary from person

to person. The fetter-breaking-experience has been articulated in the secondary

sources quoted herein and in this field research as a “strange experience,” “a fine

point,” “a tapering off,” “cessation,” “emptiness,” “a breaking of a boundary,”

“a going beyond,” “an oceanic experience” etc. Hence for the purposes of this

study, attainment of a phala has been defined as a specific, striking experience of

a person treading or making an effort to tread the Noble Eightfold Path, resulting

in the understanding or knowledge which leads to breaking of the corresponding

fetters [saṃyojanas].
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