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Augustus Pablo

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1. Title Title of document Augustus Pablo - The Ultimate Guide to Great Reggae
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Michael Garnice; Writer;
3. Subject Discipline(s) popular music; reggae
4. Subject Keyword(s) reggae; Augustus Pablo; melodica
5. Subject Subject classification reggae
6. Description Abstract Mento has banjo and rumba box, ska has trombone, rock steady has piano and

reggae has electric bass. Dub, too, has its signature instruments. First is the mixing

board that made the music possible. Second is the melodica, due to the music

of one man, Augustus Pablo. If you are not familiar with a melodica, it’s a handheld

keyboard that is blown into, making it something of a cross between a harmonica

and an accordion. Before Augustus, it was less known and less respected

than either of these instruments, disparaged as a teaching keyboard and certainly

not thought suitable for recording. But the instrument was common enough in

Jamaica and reggae musicians were resourceful and open-minded enough to see

no reason not to utilize the melodica. To be fair to Peter Tosh, he had begun to use

the instrument on a few tracks by The Wailers beginning in 1971, the same year

that Pablo first recorded with it. And Bobby Kalphat also recorded with the instrument

around the same time. But whereas these other keyboardists could have

used organ just the same, it was Pablo who gave the melodica a new voice.
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