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Great dub poetry

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1. Title Title of document Great dub poetry - The Ultimate Guide to Great Reggae
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3. Subject Discipline(s) popular music; reggae
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6. Description Abstract We have already discussed how the advent of DJ reggae would pave the way for

yet another new style. Dub poetry, a more serious offshoot of DJ, would begin to

be recorded at the end of the 1970s. Its rhythmic chant-speak delivery owes much

to that of the DJ. But the dub poets’ songs are more formally composed and more

serious in tone. The DJ’s improvisations, topic jumping, catchphrases and sound

effects have no place in the work of a dub poet. Riddims were newly created for

the dub poetry, unlike the DJ’s heavy use of versions. That is, when musical backing

was employed. Dub poetry was sometimes performed solo, with no backing

at all, something unique in reggae. As we will see, dub poetry has another distinction.

It’s the first style of reggae that was born outside of Jamaica.
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