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From Realistic to Supernatural: Genres in Anime

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1. Title Title of document From Realistic to Supernatural: Genres in Anime - Anime, Religion and Spirituality
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Katherine Buljan; Independent scholar;
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Carole Cusack; University of Sydney; Australia
3. Subject Discipline(s) Religion; Cultural Anthropology
4. Subject Keyword(s) anime; spirituality; new religions; genres; generic hybrids; supernatural subgenre; female anime characters; Gaia; Amaterasu; goddess; child motif; Hayao Miyazaki; Mamoru Oshii; Tatsuya Ishihara; Katsuhiro Otomo
5. Subject Subject classification Cultural processes; GN357-367; Religion in relation to other subjects; BL51-65; Asian Religions;BL1000-2370
6. Description Abstract This chapter focuses on anime genres, arguing that these provide a fertile basis from which sprang numerous generic hybrids. They became the norm in anime, with the potential to appeal to various types of audience. The power assigned to female heroines is also investigated and it is argued that rather than reflecting the power of Amaterasu, the Shinto Goddess, their power more resembles Western Pagan ideas about the sacredness of the earth and Gaia as nature Goddess. In this chapter we further underline how the generic conventions of the supernatural subgenre permeate a large number of anime films and series, stressing that conventions of this subgenre are also often found in generic hybrids whose dominant themes do not necessarily fit with the supernatural subgenre (and thus, in that context they have various metaphorical functions). This chapter also analyses the child/young adult anime protagonist in terms of the mythological ‘divine child’ as a mediator between the supernatural and physical worlds. Chapter 3 argues for the strength of the supernatural.
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9. Date (YYYY-MM-DD) 01-Apr-2015
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14. Identifier Digital Object Identifier 10.1558/equinox.25889
15. Source Journal/conference title; vol., no. (year) Equinox eBooks Publishing; Anime, Religion and Spirituality
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