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7. One Man's Norm is Another's Metaphor

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1. Title Title of document 7. One Man's Norm is Another's Metaphor - The Linguistics Delusion
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Geoffrey Sampson; United Kingdom
3. Subject Discipline(s) linguistics
4. Subject Keyword(s) discipline of linguistics; academic study of linguistics; linguistics as a science; history of linguistics; Karl Popper; refuatbility; linguistic research; generative analysis; Katz and Fodor; Patrick Hanks; Lexical Analysis
5. Subject Subject classification academic study of linguistics
6. Description Abstract Another way in which some linguists have tried to shore up the concept of linguistics-as-science has involved shifting attention away from grammar towards word-meaning. Early generative analyses of the latter, e.g. by Katz and Fodor in 1963, were quite naive, but recently a linguist, Patrick Hanks, who (unlike most academic linguists) has deep experience as a practising lexicographer, and who is also well aware of the objection that language usage is too creative for scientific theorizing, has argued at length (in Lexical Analysis, MIT Press, 2013) for a reconciliation between these contrasting pictures of word-usage. It was a good try but again it just does not work. There is no getting round the creativity of real-life usage.
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