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Shaping your Study and your Proposal

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1. Title Title of document Shaping your Study and your Proposal - Writing Research Proposals in Applied Linguistics
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country A. Riazi; Macquarie University;
3. Subject Discipline(s) Linguistics
4. Subject Keyword(s) research proposals; academic writing; proposal writing; academic literature; research process; research paradigms; literature review; research ethics; grant application; award application
5. Subject Subject classification Academic Writing; Applied Linguistics
6. Description Abstract • Principles of choosing your research approach and methodology

o What does your methodology involve?
o What assumptions does it make theoretically and practically?
o How do you relate to your chosen methodology?
o How does your chosen methodology relate to your research purposes and data?
o How contextualised is your methodology in terms of people, time and space?
o How methodical is your methodology? How coherent is it?

• Sampling procedures: which informants and participants to choose

o Questions of where and when (access, convenience, suitability, etc.)
o Questions of who (availability, demographics, specific characteristics, etc.)
o Questions of numbers (experimental studies, surveys, case studies)
o Thinking of ethical issues. How might the research study affect participants? How should issues such as consent and confidentiality be addressed?

• Selecting and warranting the appropriate tools of data collection

o What are potential data collection tools for quantitatively-oriented research
o What are potential data collection tools for qualitatively-oriented research
o What are potential data collection tools for mixed-methods research

• Getting engaged with the data and selecting the appropriate procedures of data analysis
o Choosing appropriate quantitative data analysis procedures
o Choosing appropriate qualitative data analysis procedures

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