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The Hierarchy of Food

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1. Title Title of document The Hierarchy of Food - The Original Mediterranean Cuisine
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Barbara Santich; University of Adelaide; Australia
3. Subject Discipline(s) Food History; Medieval History
4. Subject Keyword(s) medieval history; medieval food history; Mediterranean food history; medieval food culture in southern Europe
5. Subject Subject classification Medieval food history
6. Description Abstract Like clothing, food carried a powerful message; symbolic values were vested in ingredients,
methods of preparation, garnishes and embellishments. Parallel to the social hierarchy was a
hierarchy of foods, cooking methods, condiments and garnishes. What guests were given to
eat and drink, how much of it and what kind, was as clear an indication of their exact place in
the hierarchy as their distance from the host and his table. When Pope Jean XXII entertained visiting church dignitaries at Avignon, he offered them fresh pike, transported all the way down the Rhône from Lyons or further north – a voyage that doubled their value, both real and symbolic.
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