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A Joke, Just Like on Top Gear: A Theological Reading of the Work of Stewart Lee

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1. Title Title of document A Joke, Just Like on Top Gear: A Theological Reading of the Work of Stewart Lee - Religion and Senses of Humour
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Manon James; St Padarn's Institute;
3. Subject Discipline(s) Religious Studies
4. Subject Keyword(s) religion and humour; embodied religion; religion and senses; body and religion; lived religion; religious act; performative religion
5. Subject Subject classification body and religion; religion and humour
6. Description Abstract In this chapter I will be exploring the work of the stand-up comedian Stewart Lee from a theological perspective. Using the methodology of Vanhoozer, Anderson and Sleasman (2007) for analysing popular culture I will discuss the theological implications of Lee’s work, particularly in the context of satire, blasphemy and offence. Questions will include whether Lee’s work is offensive, or whether the context of his comedy should be taken into account and ameliorates charges of blasphemy. Is all humour permissible as long as it is funny, as Schweizer (2020) argues?
I will also explore laughter and comedy from a theological perspective and whether this is a more appropriate and helpful lens with which to explore his work than that of offense. Is there a deeper theological meaning to his work particularly in his critique of society and exploration of the human condition? This will lead to a discussion on the deeper purpose of comedy and its function within society, as well as the tradition of the holy fool.
I will end with a positive critique of Lee’s work, and how his truth telling challenges both church and society into more authentic and just relationships in community and public life.
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