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Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies

Chas Clifton, Colorado State University-Pueblo

Letters and Review Editor
Christopher Chase
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402 Catt Hall
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Iowa State University
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Editor Emeritus
Fritz Muntean, Vancouver

The Pomegranate is the first International, peer-reviewed journal of Pagan studies. It provides a forum for papers, essays and symposia on both ancient and contemporary Pagan religious practices. The Pomegranate also publishes timely reviews of scholarly books in this growing field. The editors seek both new interpretations and re-examinations of those traditions marked both by an emphasis on nature as a source of sacred value (e.g., Wicca, modern Goddess religions) as well as those emphasizing continuity with a polytheistic past (e.g., Ásatrú and other forms of 'reconstructionist' Paganism). The editors also seek papers on the interplay between Pagan religious traditions, popular culture, literature, psychology and the arts.

Metrics/Indexing and Abstracting
H-Index 2015: 5
CiteScore 2016: 0.18
SJR 2015: 0.108
SNIP 2015: 0.838

Publication and Frequency
May and November

ISSN 1528-0268 (print)
ISSN 1743-1735 (online)

Editor's Blog


Are Fairies Indigenous to North America?

Regular commenter Pitch 313 added this to my post titled “Bejaysus, It’s the Eco-Fairies.” A few items for context: a.) My family immigrated to Northern California shortly after the Gold Rush, and that’s where I grew up; b.) it was … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-05-08More...

Bejayus, It’s the Eco-Fairies

In the last of the four-part post about “the cousins” (start the series here), I raised the question of what do fairies look like. Here is the man who knows, says the (Irish) Independent: “Looking at fairies on my farm … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-05-03More...

Pixie Problems, or Working Things Out with the ‘Cousins’ (4)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 So what are fairies? How do you research them? Just as important, do you even want to have anything to do with them? Each of those is a book or article-length question, so I … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-04-30More...

Pixie Problems, or Working Things Out with the ‘Cousins’ (3)

Part 1 Here Part 2 Here Skittles to me are M&M’s low-rent relative, and Gummi Worms look like they should be threaded onto a lead-head jig and used to catch largemouth bass — except the fish might just spit them … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-04-29More...

Pixie Problems, or Working Things Out with the ‘Cousins’ (2)

Part 1 here Anne Johnson responded promptly. Since the shrine is a minute’s walk from the house, she suggested putting out more shiny objects closer in. I repurposed an odd birdfeeder shaped like a snail into a pixie-feeder (trap?). I … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-04-29More...

A Festschrift for Ronald Hutton

Magic and Witchery: Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of ‘The Triumph of the Moon’ will be published in September by Palgrave Macmillan. I love rolling the word Festschrift around, and if you are not used to it, this is what it … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-04-28More...

Pixie Problems, or Working Things Out with the ‘Cousins’ (1)

It all started with a fork, an antler-handled serving fork of clean Scandinavian design, part of a spoon & fork set that my parents bought while visiting Norway in the early 1990s and later gave to M. and me at … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-04-28More...

I Can Quit Collecting at Any Time; In Fact, I Have

But I still get a twinge when reading about this typewriter repairman-restoration specialist in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. One of three in the state, it turns out. “Talk QWERTY to me: A vintage typewriter shop in Glenwood Springs gets analog hearts … Continue reading
Posted: 2019-04-24More...


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