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Vol 17, No 2 (2010)

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Table of Contents


The Influence of Signal Complexity on Speaker Identification PDF
Kyna Sherman Betancourt , Ruth Huntley Bahr 179-200
Language analysis and contra-expertise in the Dutch asylum procedure PDF
Maaike Verrips 279-294
The Expert Witness Problem PDF
Peter R. A. Gray 201-209
The use of textual, grammatical and sociolinguistic evidence in forensic text comparison: PDF
M. Teresa Turell 211-250
Automatic Speaker Recognition of Identical Twins PDF
Hermann Künzel 251-277

Thesis Abstracts

Discourse and Judicial Thinking --- A Corpus-based Study of Court Judgments in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China PDF
Le Cheng 295-298
Ideologies of Violence: A Corpus and Discourse Analytic Approach to Stance in Threatening Communications PDF
Tammy Gales 299-302
Terms in Context: a Corpus-Based Analysis of the Terminology of the European Union's Development Cooperation Policy with the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States PDF
Judith Kast-Aigner 303-306
Lay People as Cross-Examiners: A Linguistic Analysis of the Libel Case McDonald's Corporation v. Helen Steel and David Morris PDF
Tatiana Tkačuková 307-310

Book Reviews

Language Practices in Public Administration. Eva Codó (2008) Mouton de Gruyter. 254pp + xvii PDF
Susan Berk-Seligson 311-316
Forensic Rhetoric. Susanna Shelton Clason (2010) LFB Scholarly Publishing. 202pp + viii PDF
Philip Gaines 317-321
Arguing With Tradition. Justin Richland (2008) University of Chicago Press. 187pp + xii PDF
Michael Walsh 323-327

Book Announcements

Book Announcements PDF
Philip Gaines 329-332

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