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Vol 6, No 1-3 (2010)

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Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
James W. Watts 1-6


“Winged Words”: Scriptures and Classics as Iconic Texts PDF
William A. Graham 7-22
Talking about “Iconic Books” in the Terminology of Book History PDF
Deirdre C. Stam 23-38
Images to be Read and Words to be Seen: The Iconic Role of the Early Medieval Book PDF
Michelle P. Brown 39-66
Looking at Words: The Iconicity of the Page PDF
S. Brent Plate 67-82
Between the Textual and the Visual: Borderlines of Late Antique Book Iconicity PDF
Zeev Elitzur 83-99
It Is What It Is (Or Is It?): Further Reflections on the Buddhist Representation of Manuscripts PDF
Jacob Kinnard 101-116
The Tell-Tale Iconic Book PDF
M. Patrick Graham 117-141
Muṣḥaf and the Material Boundaries of the Qur’an PDF
Natalia K. Suit 143-163
The End of the Word as We Know It: The Cultural Iconicity of the Bible in the Twilight of Print Culture PDF
Timothy Beal 165-184
Iconic Books from Below: The Christian Bible and the Discourse of Duct Tape PDF
Dorina Miller Parmenter 185-200
Engaging with the Guru: Sikh Beliefs and Practices of Guru Granth Sahib PDF
Kristina Myrvold 201-224
A Birthday Party for a Sacred Text: The Gita Jayanti and the Embodiment of God as the Book and the Book as God PDF
Joanne Punzo Waghorne 225-242
Possession and Repetition: Ways in which Korean Lay Buddhists Appropriate Scriptures PDF
Yohan Yoo 243-259
The Pride and Prejudice of the Western World: Canonic Memory, Great Books and Archive Fever PDF
Karl Ivan Solibakke 261-275
Indigenous “Texts” of Inhabiting the Land: George Washington’s Wampum Belt and the Canandaigua Treaty PDF
Philip P. Arnold 277-289
The Gospels as Imperialized Sites of Memory in Late Ancient Christianity PDF
Jason T. Larson 291-307
Possessing the Iconic Book: Ben Sira as Case Study PDF
Claudia V. Camp 309-329
Ancient Iconic Texts and Scholarly Expertise PDF
James W. Watts 331-344

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