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Postscripts: The Journal of Sacred Texts, Cultural Histories, and Contemporary Contexts

Bradford A. Anderson, Dublin City University

Review Editor: This journal does not have a book review section. It occasionally publishes review essays.

Postscripts is a fully refereed journal devoted to the academic study of scriptures around the globe, with a particular focus on the use and reception of sacred texts in both historical and contemporary perspective. The study of sacred texts has historically been a highly technical, specialized, and elite practice, held in preserve by religious authorities and professional scholars, and dedicated almost exclusively to the interpretation of these writings. As important as this technical and specialized work is, it represents only a small proportion of the rich panoply of engagements with texts that are foundational in the lives of individuals and communities around the world-texts that travel under the name of ‘scriptures' or ‘sacred' texts.

Postscripts takes seriously a broad array of historical and contemporary engagements with such texts and aims to open up the discussion of sacred texts by crossing traditional boundaries, bringing different disciplinary tools to the process of analysis, and opening up a sustained dialogue between and among scholars and others who are interested in religion, textuality, media, and mediation.

Postscripts invites submissions of original critical work that takes up the question of the ongoing reception and mobilization of sacred texts in areas ranging from contemporary politics, to culture, to social life, as well as historical examples that reflect this diverse usage. The journal also pays particular attention to thinking broadly and critically about the very category of ‘sacred texts', both in the more traditional sense of canonical texts that are authoritative for particular religious communities and in a more expansive sense of texts that become canonical for political and social action.

In particular, Postscripts is interested in research that explores:

• Contemporary uses of and engagement with sacred texts (broadly understood)
• Scriptures and their cultural histories, particularly forms of reception that go beyond the mainstream exegetical and interpretive traditions
• Sacred texts and cultural criticism
• Materiality and sacred texts
• Performative and iconic dimensions of scriptures
• Theoretical reflections on scriptures
• Classification and categorization of sacred texts
• The arts and sacred texts
• The intersections of religion, textuality, media, and mediation across disciplinary boundaries

Postscripts welcomes submissions for future issues-whether in the form of individual articles or curated collections of essays. We also encourage alternative formats such as moderated forums on specific issues in the field, and although we do not publish book reviews, we welcome review essays that assess the state of scholarship in the field. Potential authors are invited to contact the editor in advance of making a formal submission of an alternative format or curated collection of essays.

Postscripts is the official journal of SCRIPT, the Society for Comparative Research on Iconic and Performative Texts. Please visit the SCRIPT website for more information and to receive your member discount code for use on the Equinox website. Postscripts also works closely with the Equinox book series, Comparative Research on Iconic and Performative Texts, edited by James W. Watts.

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Publication and Frequency: June and November
ISSN: 1743-887X (print)
ISSN: 1743-8888 (online)



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