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Vol 15, No 2-4 (2021)

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Negotiating language barriers: Customer care delivery practices of a selected telecommunication company in Ghana PDF
Grace Diabah 177–199
Indexing costeñol: Metapragmatic discourse on Colombian costeño Spanish in popular telenovelas PDF
Padraic Michael Quinn 201–221
At the intersection of language, gender, and religion: Self-reported linguistic ideologies and practices of Muslim women in Barcelona PDF
Farah Ali 223–245
Isn’t the perception of LIKE by California college students, like, paradoxical? PDF
Pierre Habasque 247–270
Language attitudes and the subjective perception of language in San Andrés and Providencia (Colombia): An integrative approach PDF
Héctor Ramírez-Cruz 271–298
Shift in language dominance in bilinguals: An acculturation perspective PDF
Kate Hammer 299–322
Marriages of unequal languages: Use of Bidayuh among children from Chinese, Malay and Melanau mixed marriages PDF
Su-Hie Ting , Fallisca Evon Berek 323–346


English around the World: An Introduction (2nd edition) Edgar W. Schneider (2020) PDF
Sender Dovchin , Ana Tankosić 347–352
Language, Identity and Contemporary Society (2nd edition) Rajesh Kumar and Om Prakash (eds) (2019) PDF
Genevoix Nana 353–360
Revivalistics: From the Genesis of Israeli to Language Reclamation in Australia and Beyond Ghil'ad Zuckermann (2020) PDF
Arathi Raghunathan 361–366
Language Censuses and Monitoring as an Instrument of National Language Policy Sergey Igorevich Bogdanov, Mikhail Alexandrovich Marusenko and Natalia Mikhailovna Marusenko (2020) PDF
Innara Guseynova 367–372
Handbook of Home Language Maintenance and Development: Social and Affective Factors Andrea C. Schalley and Susana A. Eisenchlas (eds) (2020) PDF
Sviatlana Karpava 373–380
Choosing a Mother Tongue: The Politics of Language and Identity in Ukraine Corinne A. Seals (2019) PDF
Svitlana Melnyk 381–385
The Dynamics of Language and Inequality in Education: Social and Symbolic Boundaries in the Global South Joel Austin Windle, Dánie de Jesus and Lesley Bartlett (eds) (2020) PDF
Colin Reilly 387–392
Using ESL Students’ First Language to Promote College Success: Sneaking the Mother Tongue through the Back Door Andrea Parmegiani (2019) PDF
Renata Emilsson Pesková 393–401
Language Learning and Teaching in a Multilingual World Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes, Jean-Paul Narcy-Combes, Julie McAllister, Malory Leclère and Grégory Miras (2019) PDF
Bui Phu Hung 403–408
Idiomatic Mastery in a First and Second Language Monica Karlsson (2019) PDF
Daniel Martín-González 409–418
Visualising Multilingual Lives: More Than Words Paula Kalaja and Silvia Melo-Pfeifer (eds) (2019) PDF
Peter K. W. Tan 419–423
Foreign Languages in Advertising: Linguistic and Marketing Perspectives Jos Hornikx and Frank van Meurs (2020) PDF
Will Amos 425–430
Language in Place. Stylistic Perspectives on Landscape, Place and Environment Daniela Francesca Virdis, Elisabetta Zurru and Ernestine Lahey (2021) PDF
Jos Swanenberg 431–436


Editor-in-Chief’s acknowledgments PDF
Xoán Paulo Rodríguez-Yáñez 437

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