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Vol 46, No 3-4 (2017)

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Table of Contents


Affecting the Study of Religion: Schaefer, Animality, and Affect Theory PDF
Philip L. Tite 2-3


Do Mushrooms Have Religion, Too? PDF
Hollis Phelps 4-10
Rewilding Religion: Affect and Animal Dance PDF
Jay Johnston 11-16
Biophilia's Queer Remnants PDF
Courtney O'Dell-Chaib 18-23
Affect, Animality, and Islamophobia: Human-Animal Relations in the Production of Muslim Difference in America PDF
Matthew R. Hotham 25-38
Animal Politics: Species, Evolution, and Religious Affects PDF
Donovan Schaefer 40-45
Bodies, Biopolitics, and Mushrooms Once Again: A Response to Donovan Schaefer PDF
Hollis Phelps 45-46
Epistemologies of Trauma: Cognitive Insights for Narrative Construction as Ritual Performance PDF
Tyler M. Tully 48-56
Emoji Dei: Religious Iconography in the Digital Age PDF
Méadhbh McIvor , Richard Amesbury 56-61
Who Says a Headscarf Emoji is Religious? (And Why?) PDF
Joseph P. Laycock 61-63
Nothing Outside the Text? Religion and its Others in Emoji Discourse PDF
Méadhbh McIvor , Richard Amesbury 64-65

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