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Vol 1, No 2 (2016)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Xinren Chen , Dániel Z Kádár 157-162


Current address behaviour in China PDF
Ziran He , Wei Ren 163-180
Emic understandings of attentiveness and its related concepts among Japanese PDF
Saeko Fukushima 181-208
Switching number in pronouns as social indices in Dream of the Red Chamber PDF
Cher Leng Lee 209-230
Cognitive pragmatics as an account of derivational machinery: A research trend in Japan PDF
Takuo Hayashi 231-250
A cognitive-pragmatic account of the English imperative-conditional construction PDF
Keding Zhang 251-269

Book Reviews

Pīpíng yǔyòngxué shìjiǎo xià de shèhuì yòngyǔ yánjiū 批评语用学视角下的社会用语研究 Critical Pragmatic Studies of Public Discourse Xīnrén Chen (2013) Shànghǎi wàiyǔ jiàoyù chūbǎnshè PDF
Yonghong Qian 271-276
Context, Individual Differences and Pragmatic Competence Naoko Taguchi (2012) Multilingual Matters PDF
Renia Lopez Ozieblo 277-281
Japanese: A Linguistic Introduction Yoko Hasegawa (2014) Cambridge University Press PDF
LuLu Vitali 283-286

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