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Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy Vol 5 (1) 2002

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Ian Stirling 1-1
Guest Editorial - National Conference Review, Spirituality in Health and Community Care PDF
Chris Levison 2-3


Spirituality of Adults in Britain - Recent Research PDF
David Hay 4-9
Spirituality - A Scottish Healthcare Issue PDF
Desmond Ryan 10-14
Putting Spiritual at the Centre of the NHS PDF
Allison Elliot 15-19
Revised Guidelines on Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in the NHS - Synopsis of the Report of the Working Party PDF
Stewart McGregor 20-23
Speech Delivered by Malcolm Chisholm, MSP, 'Spiritual Care in the NHS' Conference on 16 November 2001 PDF
Malcolm Chisholm 24-26
Where do we go from here? PDF
Chris Levison 27-28
What does it mean to be a virtuous patient? Virtue from the patient's perspective PDF
Alastair V. Campbell , Teresa Swift 29-35
Palliative Care: A Theological Foundation, Sacrament of Anointing & Pastoral Care of the Sick PDF
George Beuken 36-40

Orere Source

The Orere Source PDF
W. Noel Brown 38-43

Reflective Practice

Reflections on Chaplaincy in a Hospice: 1977-2001. Tempora Mutantur, Nos et Mutamur in illis PDF
Derek Murray 41-43
Healthcare Chaplaincy: Taking our work to Church PDF
Yvonne Hendrie 45-46

Book Reviews

Grief, Mourning and Death Ritual. Hockey J., Katz J., and Small N. (eds.) ISBN 0-335-20501-1. Open University Press PDF
Margaret Sneddon 47-47
Working with Older People and their Families ‘Key Issues in policy and practice’. Open University Press PDF
Charlie Harris 47-48
Communication and the care of people with dementia. Killick J. and Allan K. ISBN 0335207758. Open University Press PDF
Lorna Murray 48-48
Groups: A guide to small groupwork in healthcare management, education and research. Elwyn, G., Greenhalgh, T & MacFarlane, F., ISBN 1-85775-400 X Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd., Oxon PDF
Jean Phillips 48-49
Literature in Medicine: The Doctor’s companion to the classics. Salinsky J. ISBN 1-85775-535-9 Radcliffe Medical Press PDF
Catherine M. Wilson 49-50
The Doctor’s Communication Handbook, third edition. Tate P. ISBN 1-85775-550-2 Radcliffe PDF
Marie Pirret 50-50
Treating people with depression: a practical guide for primary care Wilkinson G., Moore B., and Moore P. ISBN 1 85775 391 7. Radcliffe Medical Press PDF
Stanley Cook 50-51
Bibliotherapy for Bereaved Children. Jones E.H. ISBN 1-84310-004-5 Jessica Kingsley PDF
Moira Sugden 51-51
Finding a Way Through When Someone Has Died. Mood P. & Whittaker L. ISBN 1-85302-920-3 Jessica Kingsley PDF
Alison Lee 51-52
On Death, Dying and Not Dying. Houghton P. ISBN 1-84310-020-7 Jessica Kingsley PDF
Alison Wagstaff 52-52
The Intensive Care Unit: What Every Family Needs to Know Steven R Mohnssen M.D. ISBN 1 – 885003 – 95 – 1 Robert D Reed, USA PDF
Chris Levison 52-53
Seeing Beyond Depression. Vanier J. ISBN 0-281-05411-8 SPCK PDF
Frances Moore 53-53
A Book of Blessings Edited by Burgess R. ISBN 1-901557-48-0 Wild Goose Publications PDF
Monica Stewart 54-54
Spirituality in Health Care Contexts Edited by Helen Orchard Jessica Kingsley Publishers ISBN 1 85302 969 6 PDF
Tom Gordon 54-55

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