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International Journal for the Study of New Religions

Fredrik Gregorius, Linköping University
Venetia Robertson, University of Sydney

Book Review Editor
Manon Hedenborg WhiteSödertörn University

Books for review should be addressed to:

Manon Hedenborg White
University of Amsterdam
Kloveniersburgwal 48
Amsterdam 1012CX

International Journal for the Study of New Religions is published in cooperation with The International Society for the Study of New Religions (ISSNR). It was founded in 2010 and edited by Liselotte Frisk (Dalarna University, Sweden) and Carole M. Cusack (University of Sydney, Australia) until 2014, and Professor Asbjørn Dyrendal (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Dr Alex Norman (UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain) until 2018. From 2019 the new editors are Fredrik Gregorius (Linköping University) and Venetia Robertson (University of Sydney).

The term "New Religions" can be defined in several ways. ISSNR and International Journal for the Study of New Religions have chosen to adopt a broad definition. Articles with subject matter as diverse as conversion to Satanism (James R. Lewis. Vol 1, no 1, 2010), children in new religions (Amanda van Eck Duymaer van Twist, vol 1, no 2, 2010), ecumenism and religious dialogue among Jehovah´s Witnesses (George Chryssides, vol 3, no 1, 2012), new ideas of food taboo in some contemporary Jewish and Muslim communities (Simon Theobald, vol 3, no 2, 2012), as well as gender and spiritual therapy in Japan (Ioannis Gaitanidis, vol 3, no 2, 2012) have been published in International Journal for the Study of New Religions since its inception. The journal is published simultaneously in print and online.

International Journal for the Study of New Religions considers submissions from both established scholars and research students from all over the world. Articles should be written for a general scholarly audience. All articles are refereed. Each issue includes articles and a number of book reviews. The editors will not consider manuscripts that are under consideration by another publisher. It is assumed that once submitted to International Journal for the Study of New Religions, articles will not be sent to other publishers until a decision about inclusion has been reached. Material must not have been previously published in exactly the same format. 

Recent Issues

IJSNR 9.1 (2018) - Special Issue: New Antiquities, part 2


Editorial: New Antiquities: Part 2

Almut-Barbara Renger and Dylan M. Burns 


Reading History with the Essenes of Elmira

Anne Kreps

The Jungian Gnosticism of the Ecclesia Gnostica

Olav Hammer

The Impact of Scholarship on Contemporary “Gnosticism(s)”: A Case Study on the Apostolic Johannite Church and Jeremy Puma

Matthew J. Dillon

Studying the “Gnostic Bible”: Samael Aun Weor and the Pistis Sophia

Franz Winter

Binding Images: The Contemporary Use and Efficacy of Late Antique Ritual Sigils, Spirit-Beings, and Design Elements

Jay Johnston

(Neo-)Bogomil Legends: The Gnosticizing Bogomils of the Twentieth-Century Balkans

Dylan M. Burns and Nemanja Radulović


IJSNR 8.2 (2017) - Special Issue: New Antiquities, part 1

Editor's Introduction

Introduction: What Are New Antiquities?

Dylan M. Burns and Almut-Barbara Renger


“From Aphrodite to Kuan Yin”—“The Tao of Venus” and its Modern Genealogy: Invoking Ancient Goddesses in Cosm(et)ic Acupuncture

Almut-Barbara Renger

Ancient Goddesses for Modern Times or New Goddesses from Ancient Times?

Meret Fehlmann

The Artifice of Daidalos: Modern Minoica as Religious Focus in Contemporary Paganism

Caroline Tulley

Transforming Deities: Modern Pagan Projects of Revival and Reinvention

Kathryn Rountree

Archaeology, Historicity, and Homosexuality in the New Cultus of Antinous: Perceptions of the Past in a Contemporary Pagan Religion

Ethan Doyle White


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Frequency: two issues per volume year, May and November
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