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Vol 5, No 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction PDF
Asbjørn Dyrendal , Alex Norman 1-2


Modern Paganism in the Holy Land: Maintaining a Community- Building Discourse among Israeli Pagans, 2011–2013 PDF
Shai Feraro 3-26
Damanhur, An Exemplary Utopia: An Analysis of the Public Identity of a New Religious Movement Online PDF
Stefania Palmisano , Nicola Luciano Pannofino 27-50
Emblematic Architecture and the Routinization of Charisma in Scientology PDF
Mikael Rothstein 51-76
Desacralizing Salvation in Straight Edge Christianity and Holistic Spirituality PDF
Ibrahim Bahige Abraham , Francis Stewart 77-102


The Religious Question in Modern China, by Vincent Goossaert and David A. Palmer. The University of Chicago Press, 2011, 464 pages. $40.00 cloth, ISBN-13: 9780226304168. PDF
Scott Lowe 103-105
The Divine Life of Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath, by C. Varadarajan, fourth edition. Kinkar Rameshananda (Calcutta), 2010, Rs. 100, 89 pages. PDF
Johana J.M. Petsche 106-107
Yearning to Belong: Discovering a New Religious Movement, by John Paul Healy. Ashgate Publishing, Ashgate New Religions Series, 2010. $99.95. ISBN 978- 1-4094-1941-9 (hardcover). PDF
Inga Bårdsen Tøllefsen 108-110
Pop Cult: Religion and Popular Music, by Rupert Till. Continuum, 2010. 230pp., Hb. $120.00, ISBN-13: 9780826445926; Pb. $34.95, ISBN-13: 9780826432360. PDF
Carole M. Cusack 111-113
A History of Modern Yoga: Patañjali and Western Esotericism, by Elizabeth De Michelis. Continuum, 2004. 282 pages, 14 b&w illustrations. Pb., $49.95, ISBN-13: 9780826487728. PDF
Anna Pokazanyeva 114-116
The American Soul Rush: Esalen and the Rise of Spiritual Privilege, by Marion Goldman. New York University Press, 2012. xii + 207pp., 13 b&w illustrations. $30.00, ISBN-113: 9780814732878. PDF
Anna Pokazanyeva 117-119

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