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Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editors' Introduction IJSNR 1 PDF
Carole Cusack , Liselotte Frisk 1-4


Misconceptions of the Religious ‘Other’: The Importance for Human Rights of Objective and Balanced Knowledge PDF
Eileen Barker 5-25
How Prophecy Succeeds: Jehovah's Witnesses and Prophetic Expectations PDF
George Chryssides 27-48
Islam: A New Religious Vehicle for Aboriginal Self-Empowerment in Australia? PDF
Helena Onnudottir , Adam Possamai , Bryan Turner 49-73
Turning Aliens into Socialists: Localization of a UFO Mythical Complex in Sweden PDF
Jessica Moberg 75-93
The Rune-Gild: Heathenism, Traditionalism, and the Left-Hand Path PDF
Kennet Granholm 95-115
Fit for the Devil: Toward an Understanding of 'Conversion' to Satanism PDF
James Roger Lewis 117-138


Caribbean Diaspora in the USA: Diversity of Religions in New York City, by Bettina Schmidt. Ashgate 2008, 208 pages, 17 b&w illustrations, PDF
Carole Cusack 139-141
Children of Jesus and Mary: The Order of Christ Sophia, by James R. Lewis and Nicholas M. Levine. Oxford University Press, 2009, 280pp., Hb. ₤45.00/$74.00, ISBN-13: 9780195378443. PDF
James Darrell Chancellor 142-144
Daddy Grace: A Celebrity Preacher and his House of Prayers, by Marie W. Dallam. New York University Press, 2007, 276pp., 12 illustrations, Hb. $40.00, ISBN-13: 9780814720103; Pb $14.00, ISBN-13: 9780814720370. PDF
Göran Larsson 145-146
Coming Down from Above: Prophecy, Resistance, and Renewal in Native American Religions, by Lee Irwin, Foreword by Philip J. Deloria. University of Oklahoma Press, 2008, 528 pp. Hb $75.00, ISBN-13: 9780806139661. PDF
Bernadette Rigal-Cellard 147-153
The Endtime Family: Children of God, by William Sims Bainbridge. State University of New York Press. 2002, 218 pp., Hb. $71.50, ISBN-13: 9780791452639; Pb. $25.95, ISBN-13: 9780791452646. PDF
Audhild Skoglund 154-157

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