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Instructed Second Language Acquisition


Alessandro Benati, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Elena Nuzzo, Università di Roma Tre, Italy

Assistant Editors

Daniele Artoni, Università di Verona, Italy
Diego Cortes Velasquez, California State University, Long Beach, USA

Instructed Second Language Acquisition is a peer-reviewed Journal that, twice a year, publishes research with a number of implications for language instruction.

Second language acquisition is a rich and varied enterprise, carried out by researchers, whose interests and training often lie in broader disciplines of linguistics, psychology, sociology, and education. Second language research findings might have a direct application to instructional decisions or provide insights into the learning process that serves as a resource to inform teaching practice. Knowing how languages are learned will help language instructors develop a more innovative and effective way to teach a language and to create the necessary conditions for learners to learn more efficiently and appropriately.

The overall aim of this Journal is to provide an opportunity for researchers, second and foreign language educators, and other language practitioners and policy makers to publish and read second language acquisition research that has direct relevance and impact for language teaching.

Established in 2017, Instructed Second Language Acquisition, is a forum for reporting and for critical discussion of language research and practice across a wide range of languages and international contexts. It welcomes quantitative and qualitative research to address the role of external manipulation (e.g., instruction, learner self-directed learning, input manipulation) on second language development.

The following contributions are welcomed:

1. Full-length articles (8000 words)
2. Short reports and summaries (2000 words)
3. Review of books and other instructional materials (1000 words)


The journal is covered by




Publication and Frequency: May and November 

ISSN:2398-4155 (print)

ISSN: 2398-4163 (online) 


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