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Vol 28, No 3 (2015)

Faith in Motion

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Special issue: This issue was guest edited by Farida Fozdar and Debra McDougall

Table of Contents


Faith in Motion: Religious Mobility in the Australo-Pacific Region PDF
Farida Fozdar , Debra McDougall 227-231


The Reversed Global Mobilities of the Islamic State PDF
Andrzej Gwizdalski 232-254
Innovations in Communications Technology and the Restructuring of the Roman Catholic Church PDF
Jane Anderson 255-273
The Baha’i Faith: A Case Study in Globalization, Mobility and the Routinization of Charisma PDF
Farida Fozdar 274-292
A Spirit Map of Bangkok: Spirit Shrines and the City in Thailand PDF
Andrew A. Johnson 293-308
Mobile Religion on Ancestral Ground: Rituals of Christian Conversion in the Western Solomon Islands PDF
Debra McDougall 309-329

Book Reviews

Steven J. Sutcliffe and Ingvild Saelid Gilhus (eds.), New Age Spirituality: Rethinking Religion. Acumen, Durham, UK, 2013, pp. vi + 298, ISBN: 978-1-84465714-8 (pbk). PDF
Nicholas G. Morieson 330-331
Joachim Gentz, Understanding Chinese Religions. Dunedin Academic Press, Edinburgh, 2013, pp. 176, ISBN: 978-1-903765-77-7 (pbk). PDF
Liam Sutherland 332-333
Carole M. Cusack and Alex Norman (eds.), Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Production. Brill, Leiden, 2012, pp. xxix + 789, ISBN: 9789004221871. PDF
Markus Altena Davidsen 334-335
Rebecca L. Barlow, Women’s Human Rights and the Muslim Question: Iran’s One Million Signatures Campaign. MUP Islamic Series, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2012, pp. vi + 194, ISBN: 978-0-522-86158-7 (pbk). PDF
Roxanne Marcotte 336-337
Bohannon, Richard (ed.), Religions and Environments: A Reader in Religion, Nature and Ecology. Bloomsbury, London, 2013, pp. 384, ISBN: 9781780937625. PDF
Eleanor Richards 338-339
Anne Elvey, Carol Hogan, Kim Power and Claire Renkin (eds.), Reinterpreting the Eucharist: Explorations in Feminist Theology and Ethics. Equinox, Sheffield, 2013, pp. 217 + xvii, ISBN: 978-1-84553-771-5. PDF
Karen O'Donnell 340-341
Jan Assmann, Religio Duplex: How The Enlightenment Reinvented Egyptian Religion. Translated by Robert Savage, Polity Press, Cambridge and Malden, MA, 2014, pp. ix + 246, ISBN: 978-0-7456-6843-7 (pbk). PDF
Carole Cusack 342-343
Elaine Lindsay and Janet Scarfe (eds.), Preachers, Prophets and Heretics: Anglican Women’s Ministry. New South Publishing, Sydney, 2012, pp. 400, ISBN: 978-1-74223337-6 (pbk). PDF
Tim Corfield 344-345
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R. Charles Weller 346-347
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Paul Hedges 348-349
Nick J. Watson and Andrew Parker (eds.), Sports and Christianity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Routledge, New York/Abingdon, 2013, pp. 314, ISBN: 9780415899222. PDF
Gordon Preece 350-352

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