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Vol 5, No 1-2 (2018)

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Big Data, Cognitive Biases, Horror Tropes, and Think Tanks: The Future of Historiography between Bold Cross-disciplinary Experiments and Scientific Reductionism ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Leonardo Ambasciano , Nickolas P. Roubekas 7-17


Toxic Theisms? New Strategies for Prebunking Religious Belief-Behaviour Complexes ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
F. LeRon Shults 18-36
The Rites of the Day of Blood (dies sanguinis) in the Graeco-Roman Cult of Cybele and Attis: A Cognitive Historiographical Approach ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Panayotis Pachis 37-55
Systematic Cognitive Bias in the History of Philosophy and its Cultural Transmission: A Case Study of Thomas Reid, Religion, and Science ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Ryan Nichols 56-86
Experiencing the Cosmos: Seneca’s Silent Prayer from a Cognitive Perspective ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Maik Patzelt 87-114
An Introduction to Seshat: Global History Databank ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Peter Turchin , Harvey Whitehouse , Pieter François , Daniel Hoyer , Abel Alves , John Baines , David Baker , Marta Bartkowiak , Jennifer Bates , James Bennett , Julye Bidmead , Peter Bol , Alessandro Ceccarelli , Kostis Christakis , David Christian , Alan Covey , Franco De Angelis , Timothy K. Earle , Neil R. Edwards , Gary Feinman , Stephanie Grohmann , Philip B. Holden , Árni Júlíusson , Andrey Korotayev , Axel Kristinsson , Jennifer Larson , Oren Litwin , Victor Mair , Joseph G. Manning , Patrick Manning , Arkadiusz Marciniak , Gregory McMahon , John Miksic , Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia , Ian Morris , Ruth Mostern , Daniel Mullins , Oluwole Oyebamiji , Peter Peregrine , Cameron Petrie , Johannes Prieser-Kapeller , Peter Rudiak-Gould , Paula Sabloff , Patrick Savage , Charles Spencer , Miriam Stark , Barend ter Haar , Stefan Thurner , Vesna Wallace , Nina Witoszek , Liye Xie 115-123


Historians Respond to Whitehouse et al. (2019), “Complex Societies Precede Moralizing Gods Throughout World History” ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Edward Slingerland , M. Willis Monroe , Brenton Sullivan , Robyn Faith Walsh , Daniel Veidlinger , William Noseworthy , Conn Herriott , Ben Raffield , Janine Larmon Peterson , Gretel Rodríguez , Karen Sonik , William Green , Frederick S. Tappenden , Amir Ashtari , Michael Muthukrishna , Rachel Spicer 124-141
A New Era in the Study of Global History Is Born but It Needs to Be Nurtured ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Harvey Whitehouse , Peter Turchin , Pieter François , Patrick E. Savage , Thomas E. Currie , Kevin C. Feeney , Enrico Cioni , Rosalind Purcell , Robert M. Ross , Jennifer Larson , John Baines , Barend ter Haar , R. Alan Covey 142-158


Horror Studies between Humanistic Interdisciplinarity and Scientific Consilience: A Conversation with Darryl Jones and Mathias Clasen ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Leonardo Ambasciano , Mathias Clasen , Darryl Jones 159-179
Mathias Clasen, Why Horror Seduces ISSUE 5.1-2-ADVANCE ACCESS PDF
Darryl Jones 180-183
Darryl Jones, Sleeping with the Lights On: The Unsettling Story of Horror XML
Mathias Clasen 184-188


Science Wars, Scientism, and Think Tanks: A Précis of Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk (2nd edition) (Pigliucci 2018) Untitled
Massimo Pigliucci 189-196

Book Reviews

T.J. KasT. J. Kasperbauer, Subhuman: The Moral Psychology of Human Attitudes to Animals XML
Mauro Mandrioli 205-209
Adrian Currie, Rock, Bone and Ruin: An Optimist’s Guide to the Historical Sciences XML
Kevin Padian 210-215
Michael J. Kelly and Arthur Rose (eds), Theories of History: History Read across the Humanities XML
Tyson Retz 216-219
Kyle Harper, The Fate of Rome. Climate, Disease and the End of an Empire XML
Greg Woolf 220-224


Why Alex Rosenberg — and a Number of Other Philosophers — Are Wrong Just about Everything: A Commentary on Scientistic Reductionism Untitled
Massimo Pigliucci 197-204

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